Renting A Motorbike In Thailand

For driving anything you need to have your driving license. Even while you drive in Thailand you must have your driving license from your home country. You will get to rent a bike if you have a driving license for two wheelers from your home country. However, just riding a bike with license from your home country will not be enough for driving rules in Thailand. It’s illegal to drive in Thailand if you do not have international permit along with it.

If you are not caught on the roads then it is alright, but the problem will arise if Police catches you without a valid international license. Thus, it’s better if you come prepared.

Sometimes you may be penalized even without being guilty

There are many instances in Thailand where a ‘farang’ or a foreigner is facing problems in road accidents even though it’s not their fault. Being a foreigner if you are driving a motor bike in Thailand you should be very careful of any kind of accidents. If you face any they will not look into whose fault it actually is. You may have to compensate heavily.

You may request the Police to interfere in such cases but whatever is the case still the risk exists. The foreigners are hold guilty and you have to pay a heavy compensation to get out of the trouble.

Getting mislead

Another risk of driving on your own is that as it is a new land you may not know the directions properly. If you do not take help of GPS you might have to take help from locales. Sometimes they may even mislead you and that is quite risky.

Hence, while you plan to rent a motor bike for travelling make sure that you have checked up things properly. Hire those motorbikes that have insurance coverage. It will protect you if you face any kind of accidents. You should also be protective about yourself. Always wear a helmet while driving. It is better if you have gloves.

Avoid riding during night and do not drink before riding. If you take safety precautions your risks will be reduced a lot and you can actually enjoy the beautiful place.